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„Casa era pustie şi goală. Răcoarea pătrundea în toate ungherele.

O pojghiţă de gheaţă se formase în cadă. Pielea femeii începuse să capete o nuanţă uşor vineţie. I se părea ca o prinţesă, aşa cum era întinsă acolo. O prinţesă de gheaţă. Podeaua pe care stătea era rece ca gheaţa, dar frigul nu îl deranja. Întinse mîna şi o atinse. Sîngele de pe încheieturile ei se închegase de mult…”

Tocmai aţi pătruns în atmosfera din „Prinţesa gheţurilor”, romanul Camillei Lackberg, scriitoarea suedeză care îşi dispută în nordul Europei supremaţia în privinţa vînzărilor cu Stieg Larsson, autorul volumului „Bărbaţi care urăsc femeile”.

Cărţi de top la preţ mic
Camilla Lackberg va deschide „Seria neagră”, 10 cărţi poliţiste care se citesc pe nerăsuflate, pe care Gazeta o lansează în colaborare cu Editura Trei, la începutul lunii februarie. E vorba de 10 cărţi ale unor autori nordici care sînt în topurile de vînzări peste tot în Europa, volume captivante, pline de mister şi suspans. Mai mult, şase titluri vor fi lansate în premieră în România cu Gazeta sporturilor, marele avantaj al cititorilor fiind preţul mult mai mic decît cel din librării!

„O carte care îţi dă fiori pe şira spinării, lucidă, glacială, ca şi mediul pe care îl descrie”, scria The Literary Review despre „Prinţesa gheţurilor”. În serie vor urma Liza Marklund cu „Explozii la Stockholm” şi Anne Holt, fost ministru al Justiţiei în Norvegia, cu „Eroare judiciară”, „roman care investighează motivaţiile psihologice ce conduc la crime atroce”, cum scria Publishers Weekly. Nu va lipsi din Seria Neagră Mons Kallentoff, considerat în prezent „Regele cărţii poliţiste suedeze”!


Jackie Evancho

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Fetita are doar zece ani. Dar a fost inzestrata cu o voce formidabila.


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7 A suicide girl seranade

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming
Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming
The goddess of imaginary light
-taken from Imaginary(Origin) played by Evanescence

Mother you’re holding my body screaming
You found your little girl broken, bleeding
You thought that I was here safe in my room
But I am the one who started my doom
I slashed my wrists with a blade
Cut my veins to write with my blood my own suicide seranade

Mom see there are red lyrics of blood on the wall
Read and note them before the blood shall fall
I was suppressed by al my childish fears
But you were so busy and let me fighting alone through these years
I haved the body of a young girl but my soul was rotten
Hitting the walls on iwas forgotten

Mother there ain’t no rain
That could wash my pain
I killed myself and you’re the one to blame
You see yourself in me but we are’nt the same
You should stop trying to mocking me
I was your daughter, not some part of your property

Mom there ain’t nothing for me to be left behind
Cause nothing is all that I find
I sailed on the red blooded sea to the other side
Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming by my pride
When I lay in my fields of black paper flower
Having the strange feeling that my flesh by crows was devour

Mother I’ve hated you so much when I’ve chosed my last day
In my bed I lay thinking how I cam kill myself to make you pay
I was the daughter of the man you loved and lived for
I was your child. your innocent child you stupid whore
How could you not see that I was fake it
Walking on broken faith myself and you I’ve hate it

Mom I was cover in gold but feeling so poor
With my blood I’ve painted the floor
With dark scenaries of my life
My real life not the life you thought it was my life
I hope my dead to send your life away
I hope your soul begans to be rotten. your heart to decay

Mother you are sowing the seeds I’ve planted
Remember the time when I’ve wanted
To throw away all the stuff that I’ve known
Hiding all the feelings that I’ve shown
Holding my breath as clouds began to form
In the beating of the storm wishing you to keep me warm

Mom I’ve raped everyting I’ve haved inside
You said you known me but you could’nt find the things I’ve hide
Hoping good things I’ll see on the other side
Maybe I should be crucified for a good suicide
But it does’nt matter
Your fake tears showed me that you don’t batter

Now that I am on the other side
Time seems much better and the sorrow I’ve left behind
Sailling on the times wave
Watching in a mirror how they put my body in a grave
In this innocent land I can’t fall from grace
When the angels give me their embrace

8 Nightingales II

The days are passing in the blink of an eye
Pushing away all the years in vain you’ve tried to deny
Mara my promose to you I shall keep
And before you shall fall in to the endless sleep
I’ll take you to the nightingales valley
Beyond the last graveyard alley
Wher the flowers never wither
And the nightingales melody takes you deeper

Three days are left untill the unwanted day, the last day of your life comes
You body is cold , you feel warm, you can’t move but I’ll take you in my arms
Mara put your lips on my lips, let me taste your final sweet-bitter kiss
Cause youre the one I shall miss
Untill we get to the nightingales valley I’ll say to you one last tale
Before Mother Death on your eyes shall put her vail
And thought the nightingales valley is far away
I promose you I’ll take you there before your life is pushed away

9 Flames

Little girl take a breath and reast for a while
Its cold outside, that’s true and you can’t smile
From the fires rise the demons but the fire keeps us warm
When we are lost, find a place and hide from the storm

Set a fire and let all burn untill is reduced toashes here
Untill a phoenix shall reborn from there
Put gasoline on you, set yourself in fire but don’t expect the world to care
You’re so small cause the power comes to the one that dare
To walk on dead bodies, to burn her love
She risked to be send to hell and not rise above

Set a fire to burn the candlelight
Tell us a story for the goodnight
And us allwe’ll help you struggle through hours of weep
And in the end only good things you shall keep

Do you want to be a hero?
Or to be reduced to zero
Do you want to fight for your rights
Or cry alone when no one hears you in those damn coldest nights

They said violence brings violence and sometimes that is true
But they are using pshysic violence to control you
With pills tey’ve made you so sick
That you can’t put a brick on a brick

Do you want to be lost in desperation
When your destination is devastation?
Rise up now has come the day
When its time to make them pay.

10 This is war

We come to this war
We know well for what we are fighting for
Its not stupid fighting for what we are fighting for
We don’t wanna be treated like we have been treated before

We have our weapons load and reload
We shoot our enemies and make them cold

We fear nothing and cross the line
Throw granades in the sky and make it shine

The bullets are flying back and front and all around
Some of us shoot back, some of us fall to the ground

We are wash in sweat and blood
But it is no time to pray to God

We fight for our rights
It’s no time for slleping in the nights
We fight for our nation, our home
Our families that we let back home

Our mothers are drawned in tears
Suppressed by all their fears
That we will never come back
That we will fail in our attack

There are a few moments when we can reat for a while
In those moments we close our eyes and rember our childrens and howv they smile
But a bomb blow and takes us back to reality
Overthrow the effigy the vast majority*

We burn down everything to take back
What we burn now from ashes we’ve going to rebuilt back

All the shoots I take from you
I’m going to spit back to you
So many explosition left us deaf that we can’t hear the screems
Can’t tell when is it true when its dreams
But the blood, the pain, the flesh the wounds are real
Back in the womb its much too real in pumps life that we must feel**

*taken from Know your enemy played by Green Day
** taken from One played by Metallica.


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1 Angel Poet

Put him out of his misery
Cause he shall not live in vain
You shall not see eternal art of poetry
Untill you smash your face in a river of pain

Gothic eternal art of sorrow
Mary’s blood flows in a cup of whine
You shall live in disgrace for tomorrow
You should know an angel locked in a cage won’t shine

Foolish old immortal poet
Born in ancient dark times
You should learn living without a regret
Or else you shall not find new rhymes

You should see there are times
To be onest, to be who you are
And then your poetrys shall be read between the lines
And they’ll say you are like a star

You who shed the angel blood
To get what you need
Make that sacrifice for your cruel God
Who feeds your greed

Young old poet killing an angel behind old castle wall
Holding in your hand a knife
In a pit of misery shall make you fall
And thrown darkness over your life

Shall make you curse your eternity
Pointing your finger but can’t blame cause there’s no one
Your life shall be an eternal anxiety
Throwing a vail over your sun

2 Demon poet

Put him out of his misery
Cause he shall not live in disgrace
And still they’re blaming your poetry
For causing anarchy over this place

Gothic eternal art of sorrow
Sailing on the redblooded sea
If you listen the siren song you will fallow
By the beauty of the melody

Foolish old poet searching for gold
Guided by the morning star
The lies that you told
Are taken you way to far

Immortal poet living in loneliness
Don’t keep a demon in a cage
That won’t bring you happines
And shall make you say rage

Young old poet killing that demon in a sacrifice
When the bell toll for your farewell
Better think twice
Or else you shall be send to hell

But if you accept the demon embrace
There will be thousand voices in your head
That will make you fall from grace
And your love shall drop dead

3 Nightingales

A nightingale in a golden cage
That’s me locked inside reality’s maze
Come someone make my heavy heart light
Come undone, bring me back to life
A nightingale in a golden cage
That’s me locked inside reality’s maze
Come someone make my heavy heart light
It all starts with a lullaby
– taken from the song The Escapist played by Nightwish

I see a girl running in the first day of spring
And for that girl blue roses I shall bring
Mara that girl is you
And Mara you know that the morning dew
Is the sweat of the nightingales that played over the night
Untill the sun sets his first rays of light
Mother Moon loves to listen their beautiful song
She wish that the night last for long

Mara your disease takes you to dead
You feel like a hammer smashed your head
I wonder how much more you can endure
And even they say for your disease there’s no cure
I know I can give you a smile If I’ll take you to see the nightingales fly
Playing in the moonlight sky
Cause for you the nightingales are equal with perfection
The most wonderfull birds from God’s creation

4 Time

Time waits for no one
Are they blessed is tey are staying in the shining sun?
Bored you count the hours untill the end of the day
Untill the clock ticks your life away
Time runs faster and faster hiding every smiling face
Taking you at the end of your days
Swalloed in the scream of the time
Puts on your shoulder all the worlds crime
Hours running in your veins makes you feel so small
In the arms of the Death shall make you fall
Cause time comes from the land where no one return
Where the Death is riding the most beautiful black unicorn

5 Lucifer

You should cry Lucifer
You shall live in disgrace
You sholud cry Lucifer
The heaven won’t be your home, your place
Lucifer beautifull angel of misery
For you I’m writing your poetry

How angry did you feel
When you failed that attack
And how low did you feel
When in the fall your wings turn from white to black

You should cry Lucifer
For the angels that stands by your side
You should cry Lucifer
For helping you they abide

Lucifer you the one that brings the light
You the morning star
You took your pride
Your vanity way too far
Lucifer you were like an apprentice
Who wants to outdo his master
But trying to kill God
Whas the beginning of your disaster

And now you say:
When I crawl on the wall
I glide backin dirt I fall
I scratch my way back from the hole
And I scratch to get tothe surface
To find back my place
Somewhere I belong
And I know I shall not rest for long
Cause I’m full of angry
Full of cruelty
Smashed myself in my vanity
Again and again I creep
Lost in between and deep
Inside myself i know what I have become.

6 Liquid

Water flows in your blood river
This ice on your skin makes you shiver
But the sun warm your skin and the ice becomes liquid but oh my God it’s black
Preparing all your demons for their final attack
Their final asault on you is to darkened your mind
And the question thats spinning in your head is: Is it real all the liquid that I find?
Every word that you say you spit oil from your mouth
You should know your opinion never count
They never cared what you endure
They never cared if you feeled insecure
This bitter liquid doesn’t bring cure for your disease
That made you beg and pleed for mercy on your knees


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Child your mother has rest in peace
And now you’re wishing for a Death Angel’s kiss

Child you drop the night over your day
And you found out there’d nothing more you can say

Child don’t bring upon them tears of sorrow
Cause they have no regrets to slaughtered your soul tomorrow

Child you washed your heart in blood
And you’re still blaming God

Child feel the love that dies inside
Untill you have nothing to leave behind

Child cut your veins at the end of the line
In this white world of innocence everything will be fine

Child you lost your faith and close your eyes
Your tears are falling on all their fuching lies

Child don’t lay down sleeping in anxiety
Acid rain drooped on your soul cursed to be crucified for eternity

Child you don’t wanna see the light
You love to fall in to the arms of an endless night

Child you stroll through hours of weeping
They cut your life and in a golden cage they’re keeping

Child you lost your existence
In this black cold life beyond your persistence

Child don’t turn yourself around for pain to be found
Just cut yourself and watch the blood hit the ground

Child you are buried alive by all your friends lies
You found out their not your friends, just demons in disguise

Child your trying to keep yourself alive
But in this hole full of shit called life you can’t survive

Child your rotten soul slumber in the dark
Reveal your hidden mark

Child fall asleep at the awekening of the sun
The blood ritual of innocence is done

Child sail away to the other side
Cause the evil ones are darkened all your pride

Child inside you there’s a fall, there’s a wall and there’s a sin
There’s a graveyard deep within

Child don’t close the book of yourself untill you write all the pages
You must learn to struggle alone to face all the ages

Child you drawn yourself in to the sounding sea
Raped by the beautiful lure of the sirens melody

Child you let yourself taken by the waves
And they’ll bury you in ten different graves

Child you have no direction
When you’re searching for perfection

Child you panic and start running
Fucking that you wanna see some fists pumping

Child is not stupid standing for what you are standing for
But it’s stupid fighting in this stupid war

Child hold your hands in to the sky so blue
Cause the world is opening to swallow you

Child enter the forest deep
If you listen Mother Death melody so sweet you’ll fall asleep

Child accept the angel kiss
You’ll found out you need this

Child your innocence is white as snow
The river of your blood is now flow

Child don’t listen Lucifer’s voice cause you may fallow
Better think how to keep yourself alive for tomorrow

Child the scars of your soul time wont heal
Please don’t loose yourself cause their waiting to kill

Child don’t turn your love in to lies
You can fly side by side with all the world butterflies

Child don’t fall in love with a whore
Cause she only loves money and nothing more

Child the rotten poet is spitting on your grave as he came
He feeds with the flesh of the crows with no shame

Child let yourself fall in love with those eyes so bright
But prepare to enter in to the lust of night

Child you have a beautiful perfect name
Is not a game to need someone to blame

Child from your eyes still falls the acid rain
Don’t let the shadows drive you insane

Child you’re speeking in vain cause no one’s here
Just you and the atmosphere

Child you got a really bad disease
But have some pride and don’t beg on your hands and kness

Child how much more you can endure
Your broken heart has no cure

Child your blinded by tears, lost in fears
Fighting for nothing through these years

…to be continued.

Dedicated to eme.

Poezii Gotice3

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– Dead Bride Wake

Priveghi lung in bezna caci lumanarea a fost stinsa
De vantul ce a patruns prin fereastra sparta
Dar noi plangand in tacere
Continuam sa veghem mireasa moarta
Continuam sa inaltam rugaciuni catre Dumnezeu
Dar pare-se ca rugaciunile noastre se pierd in abis
Si prin minte ne trce un gand neplacut
Ca mireasa nu e lasata sa ajunga in Paradis.

2 Loneliness1

Sta singura inghetand in cimitirul cuprins de o ceata deasa
Pana si demonii se plictisesc si pleaca acasa

Sta singura privind suflete ratacite
Intr-o lume insangerata de regrete
Cum sunt cuvinte nerostite
Si vede umbre ce se tarasc sub pietre

Ar fi vrut sa fi existat
Ceva mult mai bun decat aceasta liniste cumplita
Si-ar fi dorit ca el sa fi luat
Ca el sa fi furat
Aceasta cruda si lunga si disperata singuratate
Dar el a facut nimic si traieste in nedreptate

3 Loneliness2

Keep on falling
I keep and keep falling
Atat de repede si atat de jos ma prabusesc
Si nu pot nu, am cum sa ma opresc

Keep crawling
I’m still crawling
In aceasta mocirla in care m-ai aruncat
In aceasta insuportabila viata in care m-ai abandonat

Keep on calling
You I’m calling
Chiar esti atat de departe
De nu poti auzi strigatele mele disperate


In timp ce Arys arde suflete intinate
In mocirla si in haine albe imbracate
Da haine albe sa ascunda suflete negre
Ca un demon ce sta de veghe
La capataiul muribundului
Sa-i rapeasca sufletul si sa-l duca in fundul Iadului
Deci in vreme ce Arys arde suflete intinate
Mii de corbi zboara departe si tot mai departe

Noaptea a cazut, rasare acelasi soare
Soare ce-si pierde ale sale raze in mare
Dar mai e o noapte ce se misca de la un loc la alt loc
O noapte ce nu vrea sa stea pe loc
Sunt corbii ce au inegrit cerul cu a lor culoare de smoala
Da pentru ca de acesta data smoala nu cerneala a patat coala
Iar in fruntea lor e conducator
Insusi Regele Corbilor
Acel corb pe care Arys l-a hranit cu frageda carne
Acel corb caruia Arys i-a cerut sa o razbune

Dupa zile lungi de zbor corbii ajung intr-o aproape pustietate
Unde se vad negre palate
Si oameni in haine negre tacuti se plimba prin cetate
Tacere mai cumplita decat strigate disperate
La un semn al Regelui Corb toti ataca furios
Ca mii de sageti se reped la oamenii de jos
Striga oamenii in zadar
Dau din maini incearca sa scape dar nu au habar
De cumplita putere a corbilor
Cand sunt multi ar putea sa ucida ca lumea sa o faca a lor
Dar de acesta data nu vor carne cruda sa smulga
Ci ochii din orbitele oamenilor sa-i suga
Si in cinci minute intreaga cetate
E lasata sa traiasca intr-o eterna noapte.

Poezii Gotice2

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A son’s love for his mother

Priveste-ti fiul cum se intoarce acasa
E noapte si ceata se lasa
Luna plina rasare
In cumplita si linistita ei splendoare
Priveste-ti femeie fiul intors din razboi
Nu a dat inapoi
Pana nu a varsat ultima picatura de sange a dusmanilor sai
A fost ultimul dintre cei multi
Acum e primul dintre cei putini
Fara casca, fara armura, fara sabie
Imbatat in sange, innecat in glorie
Cu trupul plin de rani, rani proaspete si rani vindecate
Rani ce inca sangereaza si rani cicatrizate
Vezi femeie cum cade la ale tale picioare
Iti saruta mainile apoi se ridica si te cuprinde intr-o lunga imbratisare
Caci oricat de nemilos ar fi un razboinic pe campul de lupta
Mama lui e mai presus decat Maica Sfanta
Si putini sunt cei care
Putini printre oameni, aceste fiinte uneori dezgustatoare
Incat in mintea mea apare o intrebare
De ce exista oamenii? De ce oare
Putini sunt printre oameni cei ce nu l-ar rastigni pe Isus inca o data
Daca asta ar insemna sa-si salveze iubitele lor mame
Si mai putini sunt cei ce nu ar cobora in Infern
Ca pentru a lor mama sa-l ucida pe Satan raul etern.


Corbul isi desface aripile
Isi ia zborul, se duce precum se duc clipele
In linistea ce se asterne
In ploaia usoara ce incepe a se cerne
Arys simte jalea ce o apasa
In linistea ploioasa
Se intoarce, vrea sa plece dar inca o data linistea e distrusa
Tacerea din nou e apusa
Din morminte se ridica suflete neodihnite
Nesatule, neadormite
Atat de multe, atat de singure
Vor mereu sa-si ingroase randul, incat sunt sigure
Ca o pot avea pe Arys printre ele
Ca pot sa o faca sa fie ca ele

Suflete blestemate
Suflete ce ati fost obligate
Prin cimitir sa rataciti
Sa nu aveti liniste, sa nu dormiti
Aceste suflete ce atunci cand erau prinse in trup mergeau
Cand erau captive in corp vorbeau
Acum aceste cateva grame plutesc
Aceste netrebnice suflete doar soptesc:
-Vino cu noi in moartea fara de sfarsit
Lasa-ne sa-ti fim prieteni si-ti vom arata lucruri de neinchipuit
Lasa-ti aceasta carcasa ce o numesti trup si hai
Dar vino odata ce mai stai
Nu ne lasa sa te rugam
Nu ne face sa te asteptam

Dar Arys tace si incet isi intinde bratele ca si cum s-ar crucifica
Din senin pe ale ei brate un foc se aprinde
Dar ea nu simte durere, ba chiar simte cum placerea o cuprinde
Caci din focul Iadului ce nu se stinge niciodata e nascuta
Dintr-o mama inger ce a cazut si apoi s-a ridicat e facuta
Caci mama ei a fost un inger iar tatal focul din infern
Acel foc ce arde etern
Iar flacarile ce ard pe ale ei brate sunt atat de puternice
Incat pot arde si suflete netrebnice
Urla sufletele cuprinse de durere
Caci flacara unei fete-phoenix poate ucide si mortii
Da chiar poate ucide mortii